Embassy Counsellor visits Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba

Embassy Counsellor visits Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba

Acting chargé d’affaires, Counsellor Antonio Acosta-Rua, journeyed to eastern Cuba where he met with the Most Reverend Dionisio García, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba. During this visit, they engaged with numerous individuals, primarily the elderly, who benefit from the services provided by the Order of Malta. They also connected with those responsible for administering meals and other forms of assistance with profound care and compassion, thereby acknowledging the inherent dignity of every individual.

Accompanying the Archbishop Garcia and his team, Counsellor Acosta-Rua visited several projects supported by the Cuban Association of the Sovereign Order of Malta in the city of Santiago de Cuba and the surrounding areas.

In line with its global efforts, the primary mission of the Order of Malta in Cuba revolves around serving those in need, particularly the elderly population, with the goal of ensuring these senior citizens maintain a life of dignity. Counsellor Acosta-Rua remarked, “It’s an honor to witness this impactful work and engage with the senior citizens it supports. Those dedicated to assisting our elder brothers and sisters deserve our gratitude and admiration.” The Order of Malta is currently working diligently to expand its services to the elderly in Cuba.

Furthermore, Counsellor Acosta-Rua had the esteemed opportunity to attend a mass officiated by Archbishop Garcia at the Basílica Santuario Nacional de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre (National Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Charity del Cobre), where the Virgin of Charity del Cobre is housed. This colonial-era virgin holds profound significance as both a Catholic icon and a national symbol in Cuba, revered as the Patroness of Cuba.