Ambassador pays courtesy visit to Apostolic Nuncio

Ambassador pays courtesy visit to Apostolic Nuncio

H.E. Silvano Pedrollo, the newly appointed Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta following the customary protocol for Ambassadors of the Order of Malta, made a courtesy visit to H.E. Monsignor Giampiero Gloder, the Apostolic Nuncio representing the Holy See in Cuba. Their discussions traversed the diplomatic terrain of Cuba, touching upon the historical ties between the Holy See and the Cuban government, as well as the far-reaching humanitarian endeavors of the Order of Malta across the globe.

In their dialogue, Ambassador Pedrollo discussed the ongoing initiatives of the Order of Malta within Cuba, sparking conversations about potential avenues to expand and deepen the Order of Malta’s impact for the betterment of the Cuban people. Their meeting underscored a mutual commitment to collaboration and compassionate service, echoing the shared values of diplomacy and humanitarianism upheld by both entities.

Ambassador Silvano was accompanied on the occasion by his wife, Olimpia Pizzolo.

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